(Worst) Part of this Complete Breakfast

August 14, 2012 at 10:29 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

It makes me laugh when junk food advertisements frame their junk as part of a healthy lifestyle.  Sure, Macdonalds can be a part of a healthy food regimen, IF it is supplemented maybe 100 to 1 (in weight) by nutrient-rich intake.  McD fare contributes nothing of value to the regimen, rather clogging your arteries with crap that has to be detox’ed away.  Sure, sugary cereals can be part of a “complete” breakfast – but it will be the worst part of it, the part you could do without and the breakfast stays “complete.”  It’s empty calories.  Junk does not contribute anything except increased waist sizes and increased chance of xyz malady (e.g. heart failure). 

Marketers consciously choose specific socially acceptable frames to advertise their product.  Fast food can be at once a convenient and affordable life-saver for overworked parents (who need and deserve a break!) and nothing short of a total disaster for long-term development and health.  You can bet which frame they’d embrace and the other they’d shun at all costs, though both may be true.  Let’s all be conscious of language.


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