Miss Jiendia participation

April 5, 2011 at 2:16 am (Friends, Games, Myself and I, Uncategorized)

and Sasha is on the other side of the continent.  Shawn too.  Cellie is back down under.  WHY AM I STUCK IN VANCOUVER???


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In case I disappear or die of unusual circumstances: THIS IS PROBABLY WHY.

March 20, 2011 at 9:21 am (Entertainment, Friends) (, , )

Shawn says 
 you can pretty much a throw a plane anywhere in nyc
and fuck something up
you do that in texas
and you’re gonna land in a rodeo
people might even laugh
man we’re fucked up
pretty sure the FBI is reading this right now
 ♔Jenn Bradshaw says
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4RNyaoYR3y0Professor Harrit is awesome […]
watch it
this prof is epic
i found this guy cuz i read his report fyi
at UBC
did you know about building 7
i didn’t
until i read the report
dude are you ok
you disappeared
did the FBI get to you
Btw, Watch This:

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High School Encounters

January 21, 2011 at 4:19 am (Entertainment, Friends, School)

“Rumour has it that you’re dating Saito?”


“Took you long enough.”

-Andrew Hulburt

I hadn’t seen the guy for years!  He hasn’t changed much A_A  ^this above response is a Carbon Copy of the reaction I get from _all_ of my high school friends.  lol!


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Dear Sasha,

September 19, 2010 at 11:23 pm (Entertainment, Friends)

Love, your ex keeps coming to my Earls. He seems to think it mandatory to flirt with me, even though I’ve told him a million times I have a boyfriend and I’m OBVIOUSLY not interested. Could you imagine dating someone I dated? LOL yeah, didn’t think so.

I did try and steal his watch. He’s got a new one, even more obnoxiously iced than before. Apparently it cost him 38k and it was a deal….sigh I want to sell it and pay for my tuition. Or it could fund a Europe trip for us two! For all you did for him, I think he owes you at least that much.

All that said, of course he tipped me very well and doesn’t try to touch me or anything; he’s polite, as much as he can be. I just wanted to rant a little.

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1st Day of School!

September 8, 2010 at 10:09 am (Food, Friends, Makeup, School)

Thanks Hikochan. Now happily addicted to this.

I’m excited. Going early to find my classes, though I’m pretty sure I know everywhere I need to be. Bringing the mother’s netbook! Better make sure it’s charged!

So much to remember to do.

AIESEC. Arts/IR Advising. Pay tuition (if the damn student loan would ever mail itself to me). Figure out how to opt out or combine the Health/Dental Plan with my existing one. Call Miki after classes, go for coffee/food. Go to the Bay and get some makeup remover and cotton pads. Go visit Ocean Club and pick up tips&my server apron that I forgot there last shift. ETC!

tl;dr: A BUSY FUN DAY.

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An Obsession with Mint Green

July 20, 2010 at 2:34 am (Entertainment, Fashion, Friends)

So! Even though I’m officially in saving-mode to save for my planned trip to Taiwan in December, I did allow myself two small purchases today. They are pretty much the only allowances other than food/alcohol I have spoiled myself with for a while! For which I’m really, quite impressed with myself. Both the owl and earrings make me so happy A_A Thank god I have adjusted well to relative poverty (compared to my full-time Cactus Club bitch era), otherwise I would be in credit card hell atm. Imagine if I still kept up my biweekly just-under-a-grand-shopping-sprees!

Today was a $30 day. :333

Also today I had a little strange realisation. My two best girlfriends, Cel and Sasha. Cellieface is so…on the same page, soullmate, aristocratic intellectual elitist, SAME AS ME. And yet our blissful-boyfriend-eras practically never coincide. Both our ex’s got along fine and yet never could decide on times to be happy with both of us.
I want a double date badly…. and Sasha of course.
She’s less like me than Hikochan is, and he’s…well….Hiko (male). She’s the talker, I’m the listener. She has the natural talent in music, I have the book-smarts. She’s in a “happy” relationship now, and I could most likely have a nice, upscale (read: expensive and uncomfortable) double-date-dinner with her and Talul. But I have certain strange misgivings about rich people I guess. I’m rejudiced against them, most probably because of listening to the many experiences of my co-worker girls in the restaurant (who were mostly, incidentally, absolutely, aesthetically beautiful… and strangely all had rather expensive taste….)


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July 12, 2010 at 10:15 am (Drink, Entertainment, Food, Friends)

Everything worked. I am ASTOUNDED. Pichars to come…

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Cooking, Baking and Mixing

July 5, 2010 at 9:58 am (Drink, Entertainment, Food, Friends)

For some reason I keep forgetting to take pics of the 4392068332693468 things I’m making lately in terms of consummables. Everything from Japanese sponge cake (times 3 since I can’t get it right), granita, pavlova, cheesecake, etc. Food-wise, stuffed potatoes and curry and roasts and sautes….DRINKS.

The list of things to make on/before the 10th, for Hikochan’s bbq bday party:
sushi (westcoast pockets)
yakitori (I really want to make Japanese-style skewers…but I’ll see how much time I have)

croquembouche (MUBOU.)
cake (what kind of cake it will be is a badly kept secret)

Grape Smash
Spiked Strawberry Lemonade
Lychee White Sangria

Ok, since this is like mega-work and I’m starting to panic just by looking at this huge list of self-imposed consummables-creation (ahhh I remember the times Shin used to brew all of Nabz’s slim pots…), I will make a to-do list in roughly chronological order:

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL INGREDIENTS. The list includes a SHITTON of eggs, ripe avocado, smoked salmon, sprouts, chicken, green onion, more eggs, 1L whipcream, the fruit (especially strawberries, blueberries, grapes, mango, lemons, limes, kiwi, green apples), elderflower water, Ceres grape juice, maybe some strawberry or raspberry liqueur (or stoli raz?) and the vodka/sauv blanc. And eggs.
If I want to use raspberries, pick those. Also blueberries if they’re ripe.
Pick the roses etc, refrigerate.
Marinade the chicken.
Soak the bamboo skewers overnight in water.
Make sushi rice.
Freeze the grapes.
Make about 1L of simple syrup.
Make strawberry compote, puree and lemon extract.
Make the spiked strawblemonade concentrate, refrigerate.
Make the custard cream.

Make the cake layers, let cool.
Make the puffs, let cool.
Use the strawblemon concentrate and make the Spiked Lemonade, FREEZE.
Make the Grape Smash and refrigerate.
Make the sangria, refrigerate.
Make the skewers.
Make the sushi pockets.
Make the whip cream.
Stuff the puffs with custard.
Make the towerpuffs.
Assemble the cake.
Beg a ride from the father.

The most important point is the last of course. FORGET bussing with this much food/drink on me. And Hikochan will probably be busy with his own setting up. I’ll keep adding to this list as I remember forgotten ingredients and steps…. AHHHHH. *mental note* we’re talking about using at least a dozen, maybe two dozen eggs here. LOL. Just make sure to wake up at like 9 am latest. You can always nap in Hikochan’s bed during the party, ahaha.

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Can’t sleep….time for sharing!

June 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm (Fashion, Friends, Makeup) ()

Since I can’t sleep for one reason or another, I bring to you…. ZOYA!

Queen Mai of WPE recently sent me a very thoughtful sms, alerting me to Zoya’s little save-the-earth/promotion campaign: send them old, used, dry, whatever bottles of nail polish and they will properly dispose of them. They will send you NEW bottles of Zoya colours (that you choose from of course), as many as you send them (minimum of 6, NO MAXIMUM.)

This is my order! A____________________A
I wanted to work on getting a wide range of pinks (these pics suck but all these pinks are quite unique, some are matte and rich, some are sparkly, some are bright and pastel) and those “different” colours: indigo, lime green, cream yellow, pastel blue.

YAY. Can’t wait for the order to go through and hopefully safely reach Shawnie’s place. Cellie and I are gracefully TAKING OVER and DEFAULTING his address as our US hub. XD thanks shawn, you’re The Best.

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ARHARHAR. iluvmylife and classical music obsession v.5382905823

June 9, 2010 at 10:39 am (Friends, Music, Travel)



as much as I wish this visit would be perfected by CEL COMING, it might be a good thing for me not to /diefromhappyoverload and always have something to look forward to. Living with cel is just a matter of time, then I can permanently live in a state of utter bliss. THEN WE CAN FORGET HOPE AND FAITH AND LIVE IN PURE LOVE ON EARTH. harharhar leave it to the evil trio of cellieface, shawnamuffin and jennamelon to overcome the….NEVERMIND 8D.

celfaith, jennihope and shawnacharity.

My interview, in my view (NPI), went very very well. Principal Agent Carmen from John Casablancas was the sweetest agent I’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting. I’m sure she has market prowess, it’s a notoriously difficult industry to succeed in, and she’s much more multi-faceted than I can yet fathom. But initial impression was nothing short of lovely, and I hope we have many more encounters to come. I’ll link to the website with the roster of models ONCE I’M ON IT 8D pretty exciting stuff.
So now my goal is losing 10 pounds while attempting to make shawniepie GAIN 10 pounds while on his short visit. tehehe, we’ll see how THAT goes.

new vocab: NPI. -acronym for no pun intended.

I heard my dad playing some Mahler no. 5 and it triggered an intense longing for some classical. It makes me feel calmer, relaxed, and SMARTER. yeah, it’s essential to a good econ study sesh. So, a few embeds:
Tempest Symphony by Mahler

Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber

Reverie by Claude Debussy (I played this a few years back for my grade 9 RCM exam I think… or was it a comp? I forget..)


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