I didn’t know how fun managing a group of drunk 16-year olds could be!

March 19, 2011 at 6:19 am (Drink)

Yeah.  Right.

Cindy hosts a party just a few hours after my parents leave for Hawaii.  Her and Tak organize it while I’m at school, of course, allowing me neither room to intervene nor preempt idiocy.  Her list of 28 grows to 50, including girls she’s never seen before.  Juuuuuuuuust great.  This reminds me strangely of something….. oh YEAH, the two parties that Tak hosted when HE was underage.  Where proto-drug dealers from other parts of town came, stole his iPod and alcohol and broke our bread-maker and rice-cooker.  Needless to say I called the cops.

Tak promises to do bouncer.  Yeahhhhhh right.  He serves them beer from the keg that he bought, even allowed some guy to be lifted and drink from the keg upside-down… in our small but newly-renovated kitchen.  What a retard.  I’m soooo pissed.  What do I file this blog post under?  Morons?  Wankers?  Nubs?

Oooh I think the cops are here, thank god!


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