The New Supervillain: X Kingpin

October 24, 2010 at 11:56 pm (Entertainment, Politics)

I nearly choked on my earl grey as I read The Economist tweet on this article:
(Edit to add: Hey, did you guys know that the English tea addiction caused a HUGE trade deficit, which led them to export opium into China? The government tried to outlaw it too, to no avail. What a short-lived bubble Eurocentrism will be…)

Can I just say… WHAT AN AWESOME NAME?!
It’s the X Kingpin!
The political cartoonists’ Xmas came early. The satirists are going to have a field day. American “liberal democrats” are going to sh** their pants as another “princeling” thoroughbred takes power through ostensibly un-democratic and therefore unacceptable means.

Voltaire would approve, much like he approved educated Emperor Qianlong -The Kingpin is a chemical engineer and boasts a doctorate in agricultural economics. Interestingly, his father was Darth Vader -killed in the Cultural Revolution for being a bit of a reformer.
The one thing I love about The Economist: not its ridiculously rightist leanings, but THE COMMENTS. Go on, read them. You won’t feel like pulling out your hair like when you read youtube comments, trust me, the 2906328590528th Justin-Bieber-small-dick post isn’t there. What a lovely public forum youtube is, a true testament to the democracy’s crown jewel of the Right to Speech. (Personally, I shudder to think that these people all have the VOTE.)
There was one timely comment I had an issue with.

Clandie wrote:
China should have some political reforms, which make other parties and average people have the rights of speaking whatever on their minds.

Really? You talk of transparency now, when America desperately tries to cover what is now popularly called their “largest leak/military breach in history”? Over there they certainly love it when the public has timely access to the gigantic military archive pertaining to matters of “national security”. Yes, because the leader of the democratic world is a true beacon of light, shedding clear beautiful truth wherever it happens to fall (over its entire sphere of influence: oh wait, who else has a sphere of influence anymore? After the implosion of the Soviet Union… isn’t the only superpower America? That doesn’t mean the entire world is at their mercy, does it?) Much like a lighthouse, it is darkest at its feet.

Americans love their democracy. Let China have their meritocracy.


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