Creepy bus story v2.

October 24, 2010 at 9:35 pm (Myself and I, Travel)

It’s not AS bad as last time, but still.
Friday morning.

There was a seat on the bus that no one was taking. Probably because of the extremely strange-looking old Asian guy that you’d have to sit next to.
But hey, I didn’t want to judge a book by its cover etc. and more importantly I wanted to sit and study for that English final (which was terribly hard btw…)

This guy would have topped the “Does this person look like a child molester?” charts. Shifty eyes, acne scars, thick lips, overweight, and looked around 50 y.o. I sit down and start reading my big heavy Anthology of Canadian Literature and try really hard to ignore his gaze. He’d get tired of looking at dorky glasses, no-make-up-ed me.

Wishful thinking. He keeps looking, and what’s worse, from a normal sitting position, he slowly goes gangster-style. He starts spreading his legs. I sit crosslegged and don’t let him touch me. UGH. What’s EVEN WORSE is that he has his hands on his crotch and keeps shifting and ostensibly fixing his belt. Uh huh. Terrified that he was going to pop out his stick and I’d have to chop it off, on the third time he did this I moved and sat in another seat that had just opened up.

Worse than any Hallowe’en horror story, right???



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