Guide to Surviving the Week

September 13, 2010 at 2:18 am (School, Work)

Sunday:Sleep in and study sunday. Get ahead/get caught up on all readings, especially ones due on monday/tuesday. Start on any assignments due for the week. Do a Crim Sociology assignment. Do laundry, clean room. Sleep as early as possible, no naps.

Monday:Usually a school+work day. Classes end early at 12pm, so go have lunch with someone (Miki, Fumichan, Cris, Zac etc.) Stay in library until 3:30pm, then bus to work.

Tuesday:Long day at school, take a big lunch+snacks. Don’t forget the netbook.

Another shorter day of school, maybe a work day (Earls shifts tend to alternate between wed and fri nights.) Go to library, do any research needed for upcoming large assignments.

Long day of school.

Friday:If there’s work, try and study as much as possible in between at the library, borrow any books needed. (*library fees are extremely expensive, so don’t forget to mark down due dates in agenda)

Saturday:Survive the double work shift at Earls and OC.


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  1. celestia said,

    … and here I’ve been living my last week out of a library. I need a write up on how to survive weekly here too. ;O;
    I’m about to miss a class… so once again, LIBRARY! YAY

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