An Obsession with Mint Green

July 20, 2010 at 2:34 am (Entertainment, Fashion, Friends)

So! Even though I’m officially in saving-mode to save for my planned trip to Taiwan in December, I did allow myself two small purchases today. They are pretty much the only allowances other than food/alcohol I have spoiled myself with for a while! For which I’m really, quite impressed with myself. Both the owl and earrings make me so happy A_A Thank god I have adjusted well to relative poverty (compared to my full-time Cactus Club bitch era), otherwise I would be in credit card hell atm. Imagine if I still kept up my biweekly just-under-a-grand-shopping-sprees!

Today was a $30 day. :333

Also today I had a little strange realisation. My two best girlfriends, Cel and Sasha. Cellieface is so…on the same page, soullmate, aristocratic intellectual elitist, SAME AS ME. And yet our blissful-boyfriend-eras practically never coincide. Both our ex’s got along fine and yet never could decide on times to be happy with both of us.
I want a double date badly…. and Sasha of course.
She’s less like me than Hikochan is, and he’s…well….Hiko (male). She’s the talker, I’m the listener. She has the natural talent in music, I have the book-smarts. She’s in a “happy” relationship now, and I could most likely have a nice, upscale (read: expensive and uncomfortable) double-date-dinner with her and Talul. But I have certain strange misgivings about rich people I guess. I’m rejudiced against them, most probably because of listening to the many experiences of my co-worker girls in the restaurant (who were mostly, incidentally, absolutely, aesthetically beautiful… and strangely all had rather expensive taste….)



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