Can’t sleep….time for sharing!

June 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm (Fashion, Friends, Makeup) ()

Since I can’t sleep for one reason or another, I bring to you…. ZOYA!

Queen Mai of WPE recently sent me a very thoughtful sms, alerting me to Zoya’s little save-the-earth/promotion campaign: send them old, used, dry, whatever bottles of nail polish and they will properly dispose of them. They will send you NEW bottles of Zoya colours (that you choose from of course), as many as you send them (minimum of 6, NO MAXIMUM.)

This is my order! A____________________A
I wanted to work on getting a wide range of pinks (these pics suck but all these pinks are quite unique, some are matte and rich, some are sparkly, some are bright and pastel) and those “different” colours: indigo, lime green, cream yellow, pastel blue.

YAY. Can’t wait for the order to go through and hopefully safely reach Shawnie’s place. Cellie and I are gracefully TAKING OVER and DEFAULTING his address as our US hub. XD thanks shawn, you’re The Best.


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  1. celestia said,

    EVA IS GORGEOUS! And Morgan… oh god.. I want a red wine burgundy shade…OM NOM NOM.

    GG Shawn. All he needs now is FedEx to realise how awesome he is and add free worldwide shipping to his package. ra raow!

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