The Oscars Academy Awards

March 8, 2010 at 5:08 am (Entertainment) (, , , , )

That was exciting.

Was anyone else surprised that Tom Hanks didn’t mention the nominees for Best Picture??? Was it a mistake on the great Hanks’ part, or was it a schedule issue, since they seemed to go overtime by 30 minutes?

Personally, I thought it would be Avatar as well for the grand prize. I guess I’ll have to go see The Hurt Locker now…
Meryl not winning Best Actress in a Leading Role was a bit of a surprise as well; I guess the cap for awards is now in place! Sandra, congratulations…you’re lucky not for that award but for having Meryl as a lover. When did you find out how well she kisses?



  1. onionbagel said,

    I still need to see The Hurt Locker… I keep hearing good things about it all of a sudden!

  2. celestia said,

    .__. I didn’t even update myself with the Oscars. I can’t handle picking out movies myself anymore. And its frustrating that things I enjoy watching are slowly becoming stills in a manga. Quite sad.

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