I know a King.

March 5, 2010 at 7:45 am (Friends) (, , , , )

My good friend Shawn’s new blog. This guy deserves his own post because he’s a class act. I’m also his sidekick, long story. But when I visited NYC last November, he pretty much saved my life and I pretty much almost ended his.

I was on my own, my little 3-week stay in the Big Apple. My original plans got shot and so I was very happy to meet up with Shawn at Times Square. We spent the entire night running around in the rain from one food-place to another: pizza, Hersheys, Starbucks…. at which we played RO til the sun nearly came up. He crashed at my hotel room, only to end up with a nasty cold because of the rain…..hence how I almost Killed the King of Pricks. Great times. Shawn, you keep me sane.



  1. cel said,

    Then I shall spare him no formalities. Bahahahahaa

  2. 2010 in review -lmao how cute. « amoraexcyna said,

    […] I know a King. March 2010 3 comments 3 […]

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