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February 23, 2010 at 9:33 am (perfume) (, , )

the embodiment of lust, gluttony and greed.Cel made a proper BPAL introduction post, and I thought I would do the same.  Instead of gushing nonstop about recent bottle purchases, which I’m still tempted to do, since in the last few weeks, I’ve found a lovely everyday scent combination…. but first things first.

The Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is a cult perfumery laboratory that is exceptionally hands-on.  The founder, owner and creator Elizabeth Barrial and Brian Constantine develop the perfume oil blends from the base- they create their own bouquets for scents that are either not available, dangerous or unethical to harvest from natural sources (ex/ambergris).  They work primarily with small businesses for components and contribute as much as possible to charities around the world.  What’s most intriguing to me, and as cel stated, deeply inspiring, is Beth’s integration of mythology, archetypes, folklore, poetry, and visual artwork with her scents.  So while you’ll find a Pink Sugar or Coco Mademoiselle-similar scent in the immense catalogue, you’ll also find graveyard dirt and dragon’s blood.  The diversity of her creations is utterly astounding.  Beth is truely an artist, and what’s more, she will sometimes even take the time to private message her fans in the forums ( and will interact with her entire clientele whenever possible.  I’m really excited to meet her in person at the Sakura-con (anime convention) in Seattle, first weekend of April.

I’m glad cel’s BPAL flame is slightly under control nowadays, because it’s giving me an opportunity to catch up 🙂  I’ve been training my nose to recognize notes, learning the effects of skin chemistry and aging, and developed my own personal tastes.  I have another massive order looming in the near horizon, after which I must promise myself to stay away (mostly) for a while. 

March 28th, BPAL will be implementing their second price hike in 5 years, about 15% across the board.  Which is really nothing, merely keeping up with component price increases, shipping prices increase, inflation etc.  However before that day, I plan to order most of the General Catalogue and Carnival Diabolique scents I know I’ll want with me for years to come.  Ones I’m on the fence about, like Tombstone, Zadoc Vineyard, Thouros, Werepuppy, and Agrat-Bat-Mahlaht I’ll probably wait to test at the convention.  Black Heart I’ll probably order asap from Dark Delicacies.

This is my planned March 27th order, for now:

Smut (’10, x2 probably), Midnight on the Midway, Autumn Moon of the Mirror Stand, Signior Dildo, Womb Furie (for cellaring and possibly selling later,) Dark Chocolate and Key Lime Truffle, Dark Chocolate & Whiskey & Cognac, Dorian (x2), TKO, Hope&Faith, Mouse’s Long and Sad Tale, Morocco

This is certainly going to change, as more and more Lupercalia reviews pop up and I second-guess and third-guess my final order.  I really can’t wait to get those GC’s, since my collection feels very incomplete without them.  I know they’re lovely, I know they work well on me, and yet since I can get them anytime, I still havn’t.  Poor Beth should really just make everything Limited Edition…. it would probably be much more lucrative, especially on ebay.

Speaking of ebay, I HAVE to avoid it.  I WON’T, especially after this price increase announcement, spend hundreds on discontinued scents like Antique Lace from ebay when I need to “save” money by getting my GC’s asap from the lab. 

cel, I love you, thank-you for enabling me.  But I have a feeling my plans on buying a car are going to be shot after my March 27th order LOL.


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  1. amoraexcyna said,

    […] 4, 2010 at 3:53 am (Uncategorized) So the order I was referring to was made yesterday.  It ended up being, after long internal battles, endless stalking of reviews, […]

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