just ignore jenn- this is all about the Couerverden Estate. and cel and strawberry lollies.

February 5, 2010 at 8:49 pm (Couerverden, Fashion, Food, Travel, Uncategorized)

Due to recent short-term memory failures and the always inspiring celestia, I decided to make a blog.  Amazing how even the most technically challenged can do this nowadays.  Documenting ignore-able snippets of lyfofjenn, and much more importantly, everything in regards to the alternate universe in which the Couerverden Estate exists.   Also random musings: BPAL, UBC school stuff, fashion in the unfashionable-capital of the world Vancouver… and probably a few pictures.  But on to the important stuff for now!

Character Profiles:

Liselaisle vi Couerverden

Age: 22

Tarot personality card: The Tower

Tarot soul card: Judgement

Perfume Notes: Gunpowder and smeared cake.  Strawberries, alchemical potions and cotton candy. 

Lisel is a slightly insane demi-god of destruction.  Incredibly talented inventor and alchemist, she uses her creations to bring down what must be brought down.  Ashes to ashes, flame by flame.

Emmaline vi Couerverden

Age: 22 

Tarot personality card: The Empress

Tarot soul card: The High Priestess

Perfume notes: funeral incense, bourbon vanilla, vanilla infused-rosewood, imperious patchouli, soft musk and a single, sinister black rose. 

She is Lisel’s twin older sister.  She is the proprietor of the Couerverden Estate and curate of the village of Verdandyl.


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  1. celestia said,

    A_A always inspiring? AHAHAHAHAHA /dies.

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